Month: November 2019

Wellness Recipe: Sushi

SUSHI By Charlie Wagner, Director of Wellness Tools needed: Bamboo roller Ingredients: Seaweed paper Wasabi (fresh or powdered) Umeboshi (whole or paste) Sushi rice Ghee Carrots Zucchini Collards Dried herbs Sprouts Sushi grade fish (fresh) Directions: In pressure cooker, start by making your sushi rice. The best ratio I’ve found is 2:1 … 2 parts…


Wellness Recipe: Glass Noodles

GLASS NOODLES By Charlie Wagner, Director of Wellness Tools needed: 1 or 2 sauté pans (I prefer to use 2) Ingredients: Mung bean noodles (glass noodles; one bunch per person) 1/8 c cooking sake 1/8 c white wine up to 3T coconut aminos, braggs or soy sauce (this measurement is for 4 bunches of mung…


Wellness Recipe: Japanese Dashi Soup

JAPANESE DASHI SOUP by Charlie Wagner, Director of Wellness (You can make this a fish or vegetarian soup.) Tools needed: Pressure cooker, instant-pot or a pan. Ingredients: 6 cups water 1/2 bag of kombu seaweed 1/2 bag bonito flakes mushrooms (optional) 2 bunches mung bean noodles 1 cup squash in 1/2 inch cubes (kabocha/butternut/acorn) greens…